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Rustic Log Dressers

Rustic Log Dresser
Rustic Log Dresser

Rustic Aspen 4 Drawer Stacked DresserCLICK Colorado Pine Beetle Blues stain wood Colorado Pine Beetle Blues stain wood[/caption]

Custom Rustic Log Dresser


Rustic Stacked Blue Stain Dresser

Rustic Stacked Blue Stain Dresser

One thought on “Rustic Log Dressers”

  1. The grayish-blue discoloration, which provides the wood with its name, is caused by a microscopic fungus that grows throughout the tree. It is often varied in size and location, meaning it could completely cover the wood, or appear in spots or streaks.
    In some cases, local communities affected by the mountain pine beetle, especially those in Colorado, like to use the wood for its character, to create flooring, furniture, cabinets, etc. out of it.
    According to information provided by the Colorado State Forest Service out of Fort Collins, Colo., the fungus poses no danger to humans, and it will not continue to grow within the wood products once the tree dies.

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